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FORPE Presents: The Silent Ballet’s Top 100 Albums of 2016 – 50-41


50) Roly Porter | Third Law


Tri Angle

49) Drombeg | Earthworks


Future Sequence

48) Manos Milonakis | Solfar




47) Numenorean | Home

Season of Mist

46) 65daysofstatic | No Man’s Sky


Hello Games

45) Christopher Tignor | Along a Vanishing Plane

United States

Western Vinyl

44) Takahiro Kido | The New World



43) Niklas Paschburg | Tuur Mang Welten


Unperceived Records

42) Eus | Luminar
Costa Rica

Soft Recordings

41) Ian William Craig | Centres


Fat Cat

FORPE Presents: The Silent Ballet’s Top 50 Tracks of 2014

50) Blurry Lights – We All Die but Not Tonight
49) Parra for Cuva – Unfold
48) Outputmessage – The Infinite Void
47) Ehgo – For the Wounds
46) Maybeshewill – In Amber
45) 80kidz – Venge
44) Luke Howard – Cibi
43) Tired Tape Machine – Stella’s Other Waltz
42) Petrels – Wat Tyler
41) Waking Aida – How to Build a Space Station


40) Submotion Orchestra – Awakening
39) Sima Kim – You Cast Shadow on My Sky
38) Max Cooper – Impacts
37) The Bug – Void (ft. Liz Harris)
36) Tomorrow We Sail – December
35) Rosetta – Soot
34) Pray for Sound – Decayer
33) Ez3kiel – Dead in Valhalla
32) Roll the Dice – Assembly
31) Talvihorros – Secrets of the Sky

30) Origamibiro – Butterfly Jar
29) Whale Fall – I Shall Sail No More (No More Shall I Sail)
28) Haywyre – The Schism
27) Hans Zimmer – Spinning Dock
26) Nomads – In Fields of Light
25) Janek Schaefer – Inner Space Memorial (For J.G. Ballard)
24) Beats Antique – Dragon’s Eye
23) Beware of Safety – Bullet
22) Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett – Song on the Beach
21) Slow Magic – Girls

20) Wang Wen – Welcome to Utopia
19) Ben Frost – Venter (Evan Christ Remix)
18) Alexander Turnquist – Red Carousel
17) Rumour Cubes – A Homecoming
16) BADBADNOTGOOD – Can’t Leave The Night
15) Christina Vantzou – Sister
14) Sleepmakeswaves – Something Like Avalanches
13) Blueneck – Anything Other than Breathing
12) The Glitch Mob – Can’t Kill Us
11) Jakob – Emergent

10) Hauschka – Elizabeth Bay
9) Franz Kirmann – Dancing on the Edge of the Void
8) Mogwai – Remurded
7) Shield Patterns – Dust Hung Heavy
6) Adebisi Shank – Sensations
5) Hunt – Reset My Bones
4) Odesza – Say My Name (ft. Zyra)
3) Christopher Tignor – Listening Machines
2) A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Atomos VI
1) Tycho – Montana

FORPE Presents: The Silent Ballet’s Top Albums of 2014 (20-11)

FORPE Presents: The Silent Ballet’s Top 100 Albums of 2014 (20-11) by The Silent Ballet on Mixcloud

20) William Ryan Fritch | Leave Me Like You Found Me
United States

Lost Tribe Sound

19) Beware of Safety | Lotusville
United States


18) Jakob | Sines
New Zealand

Mylene Sheath

17) Poppy Ackroyd | Feathers


16) Bohren & der Club of Gore | Piano Nights
United States


15) Tomorrow We Sail | For Those Who Caught the Sun in Flight

Gizeh Records

14) Christina Vantzou | No.2
United States


13) Christopher Tignor | Thunder Lay Down in the Heart
United States

Western Vinyl

12) A Winged Victory for the Sullen | Atomos
United States


11) Lawrence English | Wilderness of Mirrors


Balmorhea on Vinyl

Western Vinyl has announced that it will be releasing Balmorhea’s self-titled debut on vinyl. The new version will also include a version of “Attesa” reworked by Nils Frahm. To commemorate the release, Balmorhea will play a a show in their hometown, Austin, and a one-off show in New York City with Christopher Tignor.

Oct 24 Austin, TX • Central Presbyterian Church w/ Aisha Burns Oct 28 Brooklyn, NY • The Green Building w/ Christopher Tignor

Also note that the band’s limited edition 7″, Heir, is still available. Listen to a preview below.

Artist of the Week: Christopher Tignor – Thunder Lay Down in the Heart

Few have been as acclaimed by The Silent Ballet over the past decade as Christopher Tignor (Slow Six, Wires Under Tension), so expectations were understandably high for his second release under his own name. Thunder Lay Down in the Heart does not disappoint.

Thunder begins with the reading of a poem from John Ashbery (by Ashbery himself) and quickly proceeds to the album’s main work — the title track broken into three pieces. The second half of the album is a reworking of the first half at the hands of Tignor, and Rachel Grimes (of Rachel’s) on “First, Impressions.” “Thunder” mesmerizes like the best out of Slow Six’s catalog and takes the listener on a journey of truly epic proportions. Often overlooked in NYC burgeoning contemporary classical scene, Tignor’s compositions never fail to impress, and “Thunder” sees the composer outdoing himself once again. It is a bit of a surprise, then, that the album’s highlight lies in the forth track, “The Listening Machines,” in which Tignor showcases his most experimental track in recent memory. Although Wires of Tension certainly sees Tignor getting quite a workout in audio manipulation, “The Listening Machines” catapults the album to a new level that should be welcomed by fans of Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, and Daniel Lopatin.

Thunder succeeds on all fronts, and we’re again reminded why Christopher Tignor has become one of the forefront pioneers in modern instrumental music.

website | western vinyl

Editor’s Note: Tignor’s interview @Textura comes highly recommend for those interested in the inner workings of the album.