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FORPE PRESENTS: The Silent Ballet’s Top 100 Albums of 2016 – 70-61


70) Kyle Preston | Scattered Silence

United States



69) Tides from Nebula | Safehaven


Mystic Production

68) Levi Patel + Suren Unka | 5/8

New Zealand

Marigold Music

67) Machinedrum | Human Energy

United States

Ninja Tune

66) Robin Buyer Sextet | Leave

United States


Odd Gifts

65) Dead Light | Dead Light


Village Green

64) The Mercury Program | New Myths

United States

Lovitt Records

63) Tim Hecker | Love Streams



80) The Eye of Time| Myth I: A Last Dance for the Things We Love



61) Petrels | Jord



I love the smell of drone in the morning

Ever wanted to know what drone, bass, and noise smell like? Well, Unsound festival is launching a new project called Ephemera, which will team three musicians — Tim Hecker, Kode9, and Ben Frost — with the Berlin-based avant-garde perfumer Geza Schoen.

The musicians will make original music, and Schoen will create the scents to pair with the compositions. Hecker is composing for Drone, Kode9 for Bass, and Frost for Noise. The completed scents will inspire more music, which will be housed in an installation-style environment with both scents and sounds.

A wearable version of the scents will be released in a collection later this year.