“The screen door had no screen but was still a screen door, which fact she thought upon.” -David Foster Wallace, The Pale King

What is Fragile or Possibly Extinct?

Fragile or Possibly Extinct is a track from The Mercury Program off the album A Data Learn the Language. It’s quite a lovely track.

This track in some way encapsulates the website, either in sound, spirit, or philosophy — perhaps a combination of all of them.

What is Fragile or Possibly Extinct, this website?

This website is a blog of sorts… where the contributors chronicle interesting things they happen upon in life. Much of this will be culture-based — such as music, film, literature, art, etc. — but we’d like not to confine ourselves into so simple a construction. We reserve the right to go off-tangent, post wildly humorous/ironic/enraging rants, and generally do anything else that tickles our fancy, on any topic of our choosing. In “the spirit of the times,” a majority of the posts are statistically likely to be akin to “micro-blogging,” but as this is mainly a vehicle to combat our boredom and/or watch countless minutes sink down the drain, anything is possible.

What do I call your site for short?

Since all great sites must have an acronym , you can call us “FORPE”, but never “FOPE”.

How can I contact you?

We have a Contact Page.

Who are you?

Contributors will come and go over time, making a detailed list of personnel irrelevant. You can safely categorize us as city-dwellers under the age of 40 who labor tediously in day jobs and spend too much time purchasing/tracking down limited edition vinyl and consuming small batch beer & alcohol. We tend to have a good sense of humor and occasionally engage in coitus.

What’s the story with the David Foster Wallace quote?

We ask ourselves the same question.

Is that all?

Perhaps? Talking about oneself is rather exhausting. Consult the forum for further inquiries.