Artist of the Week: BADBADNOTGOOD – III

Bohren & der Club of Gore already scored a hit in the jazz realm with their doomjazz masterpiece, Piano Nights, but what about those who enjoy a bit more of a pulse in their music? Enter Toronto’s BADBADNOTGOOD.

Those new to BBNG may be surprised to find that the trio is not from Montreal. Sure, Toronto has banks and all, but what about music? Well, let’s not forget that Toronto is also home to Do Make Say Think, Holy Fuck, and The Flowers of Hell — all excellent bands by most metrics. BBNG fills a sizable hole in the music spectrum: jazz bands who are interested in electronic and rock sounds. Most fall either squarely into old jazz norms, into the cinematic/ambient realm, or off into big band (and oftentimes ridiculous) territory. BBNG clearly have a more ambitious and flexible sound, one that taps into hip hop and electronic beats on one tracks, swerves into post-rock euphoria on another, and slow jams it back down to basics on another, but the jazzy core is always present.

III is thrilling from start to finish. Each track excites, displays the bands array of talents, and pushes the album’s narrative along. In an album full of strong tracks, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but there is little to disagree with on “Can’t Leave the Night,” “Kaleidoscope,” “Hedron” (which gives a little bit of a A Data Learn the Language vibe, I feel obligated to report), and “CS60”. But, again, everything in between is rather fantastic as well.

In the end, III speaks for itself, and the title just reminds us that there’s two other releases to track down and enjoy.

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