Artist of the Week: Tomorrow We Sail – For Those Who Caught the Sun in Flight

Tomorrow’s We Sail’s For Those Who Caught the Sun in Flight marks the first “must-listen” post-rock album of 2014, and the strength of this band’s debut also puts it on the shortlist for one of the year’s top albums.

Formed five years ago, Tomorrow We Sail has taken its time in crafting its first album, which is filled with long, slow, contemplative tracks that show off mature songwriting and skilled execution. The wildcard is the presence of dual male/female vocals. Vocals often play the part of spoiler in post-rock, but Tomorrow We Sail have pulled from the best of the best in this department (Gregor Samsa, Blueneck, The Ascent of Everest) and insert tasteful vocals that enhance the music’s abundant beauty rather than detracting from it. Angela Chan (also of A-Sun Amissa) leads many tracks with her graceful string work, but true to the genre letterhead, catharsis is realized in tracks like “December” and “For Rosa.” Gizeh has scored another  hit with For Those Who Caught the Sun in Flight, and Tomorrow We Sail has very quickly risen to the top of the ranks for relevant post-rock artists.

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