Artist of the Week: Ex-Easter Island Head – Large Electric Ensemble

Liverpool’s Ex-Easter Island Head has been notching up releases on Low Point over the past few years (this being the ensemble’s fourth release) without garnering much attention outside of the UK. Large Electric Ensemble will hopefully change all that.

LEE was commissioned for the World Events Young Artists festival in 2012 and includes twelve prepared electric guitars and drums en route to a providing a highly textured and dense sonic experience. Across four movements the listener is taken across fields of chaotic drone, hypnotic chords, and time-bending compositions — all culminating in the Fourth Movement’s wild coalescence & unraveling.  The clinical nature of the release eschews any “modern” notions of post-rock and instead draws from the likes of Rhys Chatham, Steve Reich, the less violent recordings of Kayo Dot, and much of the cool-tempered & experimental Thrill Jockey catalog.

Hopefully Large Electric Ensemble nudges Ex-Easter Island Head a few inches into the limelight. This is an act duly worth the attention.

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