Ghostly Unveils Collider

Christopher Willits, The Sight Below, and Heathered Pearls team up for a new track, “Collider”. I could get used to this.

“Collider” is a collaborative track between The Sight Below, Christopher Willits, and Heathered Pearls made using Splice to promote Michael Cina and John Klukas’ upcoming art show in Minneapolis. Using the new (and currently in beta) software, the three artists were able to collaborate remotely for the first time on a piece of music. Dive in further with an exclusive interview on the Splice blog between The Sight Below, Willits, and Heathered Pearls on getting familiar with Splice, the benefits of working in solitude, and exploring the collaborative process.

More information on: Michael Cina & John Klukas: She Who Saw The Deep

A stunning intersection of photography and painting amalgamated into something fresh and new, Cina and Klukas present 20 unique and beautiful works resulting in an undefinable medium that can only be described as digitally hand-crafted. She Who Saw The Deep is a collaborative exploration of darkness and light, a seamless combination of the visions of two artists and their personal understanding of what it means to pass through chaos and be reinvented.

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1400 12th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

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