Long Distance Calling are Crowdfunding

Long Distance Calling are trying to crowdfund an effort to record an instrumental “jam session” ep. Details below.

This is when we had the idea of recording a LIVE-JAM INSTRUMENTAL EP exclusively for our biggest fans and supporters. We want to lock ourselves in the recording studio for a couple of days and just start playing. And when we say Jam-EP we mean it. This EP will be recorded live, there will be no arranging of the songs, the tracks will be created spontaneously without any preparation, pre-production, etc. Just LDC with its authentic & most intense live energy and back to our instrumental origins additionally with Marsen on synthies, electric sounds and keyboards.

We want to start this project right after our tour through Europe in February 2014.
As we are in the lucky position that our last record deal just expired and the new one is only to be signed later this year, we founded our own label “Avoid The Light Records” for this project and will contain full creative power over the whole process.

The Jam-EP is for our fans that have supported us over the last years and that is why we want to realize this EP together with YOU! It will be a limited exclusive edition with only 500 Vinyls and 1000 Digipack-CD’s available.

Pledge your support here.

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