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New Vinyl from Denovali

Germany Vinyl Juggernaut Denovali announced today pre-orders for several upcoming releases.  More info below the cut.

First is a 4xLP boxset from Origamibiro (video above), consisting of the band’s first two albums and a remix album. Denovali also has plans to release the band’s fourth album later in the year (should be worth the wait!). It’s a limited edition of 200, so get it while supplies last.

Next up is a collaborative effort between pianist Carlos Cipa and violinist/pianist Sophia Jani. Cipa cracked The Silent Ballet’s top 20 releases of 2012, so this will likely be essential listening. The vinyl edition comes in black and silver, each limited to 150 pieces. Also note that Denovali is repressing The Monarch and the Viceroy on Vinyl – silver/black at 170/350 pieces. More info on the releases can be found here.

While cruising Denovali’s Soundcloud, I also found Talvihorros’ “The Secrets of the Sky,” a track off Ben Chatwin’s upcoming Eaten Alive. Chatwin has always has a gift at crafting some emotive tracks, but it sounds like Eaten Alive may be his long awaited breakout album. I’m looking forward to it (pre-order pending).

And let’s not forget that Birds of Passage also has a new album out soon.

Update! (1/21/14): Pre-orders for Birds of Passage and Talvihorros are now available. Click here for more info.

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