Saltillo – Katabasis

Saltillo is set to release his third album, Katabasis on Artoffact Records later this year. No samples are available yet, but diehard fans can preorder the vinyl now (in some sweet colors as well, see above) on good faith. The limited edition color variants are going fast, so act now! PR sheet below the cut.

Katabasis, the anticipated third full-length from Saltillo will be released on CD and vinyl with two different menton3 cover artworks and 12 brand new tracks. Two vinyl special editions will be available: a half-and-half dual-colour effect and a deluxe haze edition.

The term katabasis originates in Ancient Greece and spans both religion and time in its usage. With credence to mythology, katabasis describes a descent to the underworld, popularly taken by heroes, most notably, Orpheus in pursuit of Eurydice, but may also be a description for one’s journey through unfavorable capacities. Generally speaking, this journey may be traversed within multiple realms or planes of being, ergo, the otherworld.

Earlier in April, Saltillo’s producer and sole member Menton J. Matthews III opened his first solo show at the prestigious Last Rites Gallery in New York City. The opening night was sold out, and by any account the show has been a resounding success. A 96-page book cataloguing the Last Rites works will also be released later this year.

In the Fall, the katabasis continues with the release of music inspired by paintings from the show. The album is described by Matthews as “his darkest yet”–Saltillo gone to the depths of the underground, soaked through with mythology, meditations on parenthood, and the exploration of personal experience.

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