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Schneider TM & Automat – Bootleg

Schneider TM and Automat are releasing a record created by sounds created by the audience while they danced on top of records during an Automat concert. Check out the video above to see the process in action.

An ordinary Bootleg contains recorded live music from an artist or band. On our BOOTLEG you can hear the convert crowd instead – turning their dance moves into music.
For BOOTLEG, we produced specially manufactured blank silent vinyl records (without any music or sound). In order to capture the energy of the crowd, we taped these records to the floor of the venue during an Automat concert at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf. The crowd danced on the records, and the vinyl was scratched and dirty after the show. Played on turntables you only heard noise.
The BUREAU B artistsAUTOMAT & SCHNEIDER TM used the noise to compose three unique tracks – which will be released on limited 12“ collector’s vinyl BOOTLEG.
The entire design concept for the record, including cover design, posters and flyers, was also based on the idea of involving the audience. Thanks to a stencil technique we let footprints and dirt become our printing colour which made the artwork for the vinyl.
So the audience was not only responsible for the music but furthermore for the entire corporate identity.
BOOTLEG shows that you can turn dance into music and fans into musicians!

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