Six Podcasts You Should Check Out

As a world-renowned podcaster, many people like to approach me on the streets and ask me “Armand, what podcasts do you listen to???” (Note: No one has ever asked me this question.) So I thought it was about time I let the world know.

I’ll preface this list by saying that I almost exclusively listened to these podcasts over the past few years during my 6am commute to work and my drive back home. Why is that important? Because at six in the morning, I want my podcasts to keep me awake and prevent me from murdering innocent people on my way to work. What this means is that science, technology, and education in general, can all take a backseat (like they normally do in our culture.) I just want to be entertained and nod vigorously to any of Russell Crow’s queries.

So enough preamble, here’s the list:

1. Doug Loves Movies – DLM is hosted by comedian Doug Benson. Every week, Doug gets together with a few comedian and actor friends at LA’s UCB Theater and they just laugh and laugh and laugh. And sometimes they talk about movies. But the best part of the show is The Leonard Maltin Game which is a very clever Name That Tune style movie game played at the end of every episode.

Like most things, DLM takes a little time to get into. There are a lot of recurring guests and at first, you won’t have any idea who most of them are. But over time, you will fall in love with many of them and your life with be filled with joy and penis jokes. I never miss an episode.

2. The Film Vault – TFV is a pretty straightforward film podcast. Every week, hosts Anderson Cowan and Bald Bryan Bishop talk about some of the films they’ve recently seen and then jump into a Top 5 list. The two have great chemistry and often times I find myself listening just to hear their banter. The movie recommendations are a nice bonus.

3. Comedy Bang! Bang! – CBB is a weekly comedy podcast hosted by Scott Aukerman. You can think of it as a half interview, half improv kind of show. On each episode, Scott has many guests on ranging from the likes of Paul F. Tompkins to Werner Herzog. In recent years, the show has been developed into a television series on IFC, so clearly I’m not the only one who finds it funny.

4. The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons – The BS Report is a mostly-sports-related, semi-entertainment-related podcast hosted by ESPN writer/producer Bill Simmons. If you like sports, particularly of the American variety, and the Fast and Furious franchise, you’ll probably enjoy the BS Report. Fair warning, Simmons is a huge Boston homer, so if you hate Boston (which most people probably do,) you’ll probably hate Simmons.

5. (tie) The Nerdist and WTF with Marc Maron – The Nerdist and WTF are pretty similar shows. Both are basically 1-on-1 interviews (or 3-on-1 sometimes in The Nerdist’s case) hosted by comedians Chris Hardwick and Marc Maron respectively. The Nerdist is a little more lighthearted, whereas WTF is known to delve into some grittier topics. Both shows can be highly entertaining, but I find myself usually only tuning in when I’m familiar with the guests.

Well there you have it folks! Check those podcasts out and let me know how much you hate some of them. And please, if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments.

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