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FORPE Presents: The Silent Ballet’s Top 50 Tracks of 2014

50) Blurry Lights – We All Die but Not Tonight
49) Parra for Cuva – Unfold
48) Outputmessage – The Infinite Void
47) Ehgo – For the Wounds
46) Maybeshewill – In Amber
45) 80kidz – Venge
44) Luke Howard – Cibi
43) Tired Tape Machine – Stella’s Other Waltz
42) Petrels – Wat Tyler
41) Waking Aida – How to Build a Space Station


40) Submotion Orchestra – Awakening
39) Sima Kim – You Cast Shadow on My Sky
38) Max Cooper – Impacts
37) The Bug – Void (ft. Liz Harris)
36) Tomorrow We Sail – December
35) Rosetta – Soot
34) Pray for Sound – Decayer
33) Ez3kiel – Dead in Valhalla
32) Roll the Dice – Assembly
31) Talvihorros – Secrets of the Sky

30) Origamibiro – Butterfly Jar
29) Whale Fall – I Shall Sail No More (No More Shall I Sail)
28) Haywyre – The Schism
27) Hans Zimmer – Spinning Dock
26) Nomads – In Fields of Light
25) Janek Schaefer – Inner Space Memorial (For J.G. Ballard)
24) Beats Antique – Dragon’s Eye
23) Beware of Safety – Bullet
22) Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett – Song on the Beach
21) Slow Magic – Girls

20) Wang Wen – Welcome to Utopia
19) Ben Frost – Venter (Evan Christ Remix)
18) Alexander Turnquist – Red Carousel
17) Rumour Cubes – A Homecoming
16) BADBADNOTGOOD – Can’t Leave The Night
15) Christina Vantzou – Sister
14) Sleepmakeswaves – Something Like Avalanches
13) Blueneck – Anything Other than Breathing
12) The Glitch Mob – Can’t Kill Us
11) Jakob – Emergent

10) Hauschka – Elizabeth Bay
9) Franz Kirmann – Dancing on the Edge of the Void
8) Mogwai – Remurded
7) Shield Patterns – Dust Hung Heavy
6) Adebisi Shank – Sensations
5) Hunt – Reset My Bones
4) Odesza – Say My Name (ft. Zyra)
3) Christopher Tignor – Listening Machines
2) A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Atomos VI
1) Tycho – Montana

Artist of the Week: Ben Frost – A U R O R A

Australian sound-smith Ben Frost returns with A U R O R A, a surprisingly accessible effort from one of experimental music’s most renown contributors.

We’ve learned a lot of Ben Frost of late. He’s got a sweet spot for Blake Griffin, loves a cup of coffee, has a near psychopathic intrigue of cannibalism, and probably enjoys saying ridiculous things just to keep us scratching our heads (or maybe he just is that cool … though I would have pegged him for a Lance Stephenson fan). A U R O R A (henceforth Aurora) is Frost’s fourth solo album and a perfect opportunity to see him explore new directions with his music.

Detractors may complain about Aurora veering into dance territory, but in reality I very much doubt we’ll find Frost lighting up the clubs any time soon. The artist’s main focus remains on experimentalism; on Aurora, Frost happens to be expanding his horizons beyond the sounds and modes employed on his first three albums. As a result, his longstanding comparison to artists like Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin are now replaced by Fuck Buttons and The Field — at least on those tracks where Frost really goes for broke (see “Secant” and “Venter,” for example). Aurora is still packed to the gills with Frost’s signature menacing ambience and caustic, ear cleansing noise, which sound appease the purists who can’t fathom the artist altering his tried-and-true formula.

Long time fans of Frost have surely learned to trust the artist by now and embrace his new projects and whims. Aurora is a delightful spin for those willing to look past it’s commercial aspirations, as loosely founded as they are, and continues to solidify Frost as one of the most exciting and daring artists of our time.

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I love the smell of drone in the morning

Ever wanted to know what drone, bass, and noise smell like? Well, Unsound festival is launching a new project called Ephemera, which will team three musicians — Tim Hecker, Kode9, and Ben Frost — with the Berlin-based avant-garde perfumer Geza Schoen.

The musicians will make original music, and Schoen will create the scents to pair with the compositions. Hecker is composing for Drone, Kode9 for Bass, and Frost for Noise. The completed scents will inspire more music, which will be housed in an installation-style environment with both scents and sounds.

A wearable version of the scents will be released in a collection later this year.

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Ben Frost to release new album A U R O R A

A U R O R A is Ben Frost’s highly anticipated fifth solo release, his first since the widely acclaimed 2009 album BY THE THROAT. A U R O R A will be released on May 26th 2014.

26 April – Convergence Festival, London, ENGLAND
15 May – The Button Factory, Dublin, IRELAND
16 May – Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, IRELAND
17 May – CLICK Festival, Elisinore, DENMARK
18 May – STUK, Leuven, BELGIUM
20 May – Muziekgebouw at Trouw, Amsterdam, HOLLAND
21 May – UT Connewitz, Leipzig, GERMANY
22 May – Berghain, Berlin, GERMANY
23 May – MeetFactory, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
24 May – Žedno Uho Festival, Zagreb, CROATIA
29 May – MUTEK Festival, Montreal, CANADA
12 June – Sonar Festival, Barcelona, SPAIN
11 July – ATP Festival, ICELAND