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Artist of the Week: Glitch Mob – Love Death Immortality

Piggybacking off the charm of lead single “Can’t Kill Us,” The Glitch Mob’s new album is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

The trio of Ed Ma, Justin Boreta, and Josh Mayer formed The Glitch Mob in 2006 while each was busy DJing in California. 2010 saw the release of the spectacular debut Drink the Sea, and another four years has gifted us Love Death Immortality. Those who loved the crisp hip hop beats and dance floor vibes of Drink the Sea will undoubtedly feel back at home with Love Death Immortality, which replaces much of the introspection of the debut with the breakneck energy and euphoria of electronica’s current dubstep craze. Vocals are more prominent here as well, but they tend to be either be heavily augmented, buried in the mix, or scarce on the whole — all which play well with the group’s strong instrumental presence. Tracks like “Can’t Kill Us,” “Carry the Sun,” and “Skytoucher” are standout singles (some of which would fit comfortable inside the Tron soundtrack), but the album as a whole is also surprisingly coherent given the amount of genres the trio pulls from and styles they rotate through.

Although not for everyone, Love Death Immortality should be essential listening to fans of electronica, and given dubstep’s current influence of pop music today, The Glitch Mob is just a dedicated vocalist away from crossing into the mainstream.

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