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Artist of the Week: Yuki Murata – Gift

Yuki Murata of Anoice and Films (Feelms if you’re Russian) fame strikes out on her own on Gift, her third solo effort, including guest musicians Jyunko Tabira, Utaka Fujiwara, and Saiko — not to mention mastering by Takahiro Kido, all of whom are a member of Anoice and/or Films (doubly not even mentioning the short-lived Cru or RiLF projects). What can I say, Ricco label is tightly-knit.

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Public Speaking on A Narrow Island

Public Speaking is Brooklyn-based Jason Harris. A Narrow Island is a collection of tracks inspired by a trip to North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras. I’ve never been, so I’ll have to take the artist’s word on it . Fans of lo-fi electronica/classical should enjoy. Check it out below.