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Portico Quartet shakes it up

UK’s Portico Quartet has announced that they’veĀ  reconfigured their band as a three piece and are now just going by Portico. The group has also signed onto Ninja Tune, which will be releasing their next album, due out in 2015. The band has posted a track off the effort, which features Jono McCleery. Longtime fans of the band will notice a significant change in style from Portico’s old jazz stylings.

Track Attack: Anna Kendrick, Will You Marry Me?

Track Attack is a podcast curated by the website Fragile or Possibly Extinct. Each entry in the series adheres to a specific theme or restriction. “Anna Kendrick, Will You Marry Me?” is a playlist designed to map out a hypothetical romantic relationship with THE Anna Kendrick, culminating in a harmonious marriage.

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