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Track Attack: Dennis Rodman’s Top 10 Post-Rock Tracks

Track Attack is a podcast curated by the website Fragile or Possibly Extinct. Each entry in the series adheres to a specific theme or restriction. “Dennis Rodman’s Top 10 Post-Rock Tracks” was curated by Post-Rock Paper Scissors after being challenged to create a playlist of Dennis Rodman’s favorite post-rock tracks.

PRPS’ logic for the playlist is as follows:

1. Rodman’s pump up jam.
2. Dat Bass.
3. punk rock/rodman/antichrist.
4-5. It’s 2014. No one should be brandishing their devil horns anymore. I feel like Dennis Rodman is the type that still throws them around, especially at things that are decidedly un-devil-hornish.
6. Rodman on acid pt. 1.
7. I can almost guarantee that Rodman has been on acid and surrounded by sitars at least once in his life.
8. Air guitar Rodman.
9. More punk rock Rodman.
10. Zen Rodman.

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