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FORPE Presents: The Silent Ballet’s Top 100 Albums of 2016 – 30-21


30) Mesozoic | We Create Because All Will End


29) Antonymes | (For Now We See) Through a Glass Dimly

Hidden Shoal

28) Manatees | Helvellyn

Shels Music

27) Abel Korzeniowski | Nocturnal Animals OST

Back Lot

26) Christine Ott | Only Silence Remains


25) Tycho | Epoch
United States

Ghostly International

24) Davis Harwell | We Came from the Dust
United States


23) Frida Johansson + Henrik Oja | Unravel OST

EA Games

22) Pray for Sound | Everything is Beautiful
United States


21) Anna Meredith | Varmints

Moshi Moshi

FORPE Presents: The Silent Ballet’s Top 50 Tracks of 2014

50) Blurry Lights – We All Die but Not Tonight
49) Parra for Cuva – Unfold
48) Outputmessage – The Infinite Void
47) Ehgo – For the Wounds
46) Maybeshewill – In Amber
45) 80kidz – Venge
44) Luke Howard – Cibi
43) Tired Tape Machine – Stella’s Other Waltz
42) Petrels – Wat Tyler
41) Waking Aida – How to Build a Space Station


40) Submotion Orchestra – Awakening
39) Sima Kim – You Cast Shadow on My Sky
38) Max Cooper – Impacts
37) The Bug – Void (ft. Liz Harris)
36) Tomorrow We Sail – December
35) Rosetta – Soot
34) Pray for Sound – Decayer
33) Ez3kiel – Dead in Valhalla
32) Roll the Dice – Assembly
31) Talvihorros – Secrets of the Sky

30) Origamibiro – Butterfly Jar
29) Whale Fall – I Shall Sail No More (No More Shall I Sail)
28) Haywyre – The Schism
27) Hans Zimmer – Spinning Dock
26) Nomads – In Fields of Light
25) Janek Schaefer – Inner Space Memorial (For J.G. Ballard)
24) Beats Antique – Dragon’s Eye
23) Beware of Safety – Bullet
22) Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett – Song on the Beach
21) Slow Magic – Girls

20) Wang Wen – Welcome to Utopia
19) Ben Frost – Venter (Evan Christ Remix)
18) Alexander Turnquist – Red Carousel
17) Rumour Cubes – A Homecoming
16) BADBADNOTGOOD – Can’t Leave The Night
15) Christina Vantzou – Sister
14) Sleepmakeswaves – Something Like Avalanches
13) Blueneck – Anything Other than Breathing
12) The Glitch Mob – Can’t Kill Us
11) Jakob – Emergent

10) Hauschka – Elizabeth Bay
9) Franz Kirmann – Dancing on the Edge of the Void
8) Mogwai – Remurded
7) Shield Patterns – Dust Hung Heavy
6) Adebisi Shank – Sensations
5) Hunt – Reset My Bones
4) Odesza – Say My Name (ft. Zyra)
3) Christopher Tignor – Listening Machines
2) A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Atomos VI
1) Tycho – Montana

Artist of the Week: Tycho – Awake

Scott Hansen’s forth album as Tycho wastes no time in establishing his signature sound, delighting fans with an array of infectious sounds and drawing in new listeners before they have a chance to figure out what’s hit them.

Awake is Tycho’s first album as a band — Zach Brown joins on guitar and Rory O’Connor on drums — and certainly the album takes on a different personality as a result. Although Hansen’s electro-ambient concoction remains at the core, the addition of Brown and O’Connor give the project a facelift by infusing a sense of urgency and unbridled energy that carries it along much more fluidly than previous releases. As such, whispers of “post-rock” can be heard in some passages, but it is never more than tangential at best, and the trio both stays true to its electronic roots and gives us a fresh re-imaging of Tycho’s sound.  There hardly a missed opportunity on Awake, the synergy is strong between the musicians and Hansen has certainly hit his stride as a songwriter since Dive‘s eye-catching elegance.

Although Dive will most likely be the breakout album many will remember Tycho for, Awake is going to the one that gets people into the venue. It’s anyone’s guess as to what the future holds for Hansen & co, but this album is clearly marking a new chapter for the project.

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