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Talquin – Tomorrow’s Calm

Now that we’re a full month into 2014 we can close the book on 2013 and start digging into the year’s fresh, new music. Our first notable discovery of the year is Talquin’s Tomorrow’s Calm. Talquin is a trio that works between the cities of Melbourne, Miami, and Boston, but the distance doesn’t prevent them from churning out some great tunes. Tomorrow’s Calm is their debut album, released earlier this month, and it’s full of emotive tracks teetering the line between ambient and post-rock, with plenty of classical instrumentation making appearances (violin is featured on at least half the tracks by my count)  to keep things interesting. Clocking in under 35 minutes, the album doesn’t overstay its welcome; there’s a lo-fi charm to the production which keeps the listener engaged, and the variety in arrangements provides an engaging listen throughout. Fans of Hammock, The American Dollar, and To Destroy a City should take note. Talquin has arrived.

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